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Conference: "The Way Ahead - New Directions at FBK ICT IRST Encounter Outstanding Visions from Across the Field"

December 17th and 18th, 2012

Conference Room "Sala Stringa" FBK, Via Sommarive 18 - Povo Trento, Italy

Monday, 17th December (all day)08.30 - 08.45     Welcome and Introduction to the Meeting08.45 - 09.30     FBK ICT IRST: Vision and Strategic Plan                            Paolo Traverso - FBK ICT IRST (video flv)09.30 -10.30      Keynote talk: What Question Would Turing Pose Today? - (PDF)

Barbara Grosz- Harvard University (video.flv)

                            Introduction by Oliviero Stock - IRST Senior Fellow (video.flv)10.30 -10.45      coffee break10.45 - 12.00     Engineering the Smart Territory                        Chair: Alessandro Cimatti - FBK ICT IRST10.45 - 11.30     Invited Talk: Cyber-Physical AI Systems for Resource-Efficient Living (PDF)  VIDEO PRESENTATION (ZIP)                                   Wolfgang Wahlster - DFKI (video.flv)11.30 - 11.45        From Smart Campus to Smart Territory                           Marco Pistore - FBK ICT IRST (video.flv)11.45 - 12.00        SSARE: Smart Spaces Architecture for Real Environments                           Amy L. Murphy - FBK ICT IRST (video.flv)12.00 - 13.00    Audio& Video Processing for Smart Spaces                        Chair: Massimo Zancanaro - FBK ICT IRST12.00 - 12.45     Invited Talk: Camera networks for smart spaces

                            Andrea Cavallaro - Queen Mary University (video.flv)

12.45- 13.00     Audio/Visual Scene Interpretation (PDF)                         Maurizio Omologo- FBK ICT IRST (video.flv)13.00 -14.00      Working Lunch14.00 - 15.30    From Data to Knowledge                        Chair: Luciano Serafini FBK ICT IRST14.00 - 14.45     Invited Talk: From Data to Knowledge                                Stefan Decker - DERI (video.flv)14.45 - 15.00     Big Data Analytics (PDF)                        Bernardo Magnini - FBK ICT IRST15.00 - 15.15     SHELL: Shape & Evolve Living Knowledge                        Chiara Ghidini - FBK ICT IRST15.15 -15.30      Coffee Break15.30 -17.00      Panel: The Way Ahead...Challenging Social Challenges and the EIT (video flv)                      Moderated by Matteo Bonifacio - University of Trento                          Panelists:

Anders Flodström – EIT ICT Labs Director for Education Fabio Pianesi - VP EIT Italy, FBK ICT IRST Nicola Pugno - University of Trento Gianfelice Rocca - VP of the EIT Governing Board (to be confirmed) Francesco Salamini - President Fondazione Edmund Mach 

17.00-17.30 Aperitif17.30-19.00 Round Table with participation of senior FBK Researchers (video flv):                   Research Centers and Education: The New Way Ahead                   Moderated by Paolo Traverso

Speakers: Andrea Cavallaro – Queen Mary University Stefan Decker – Director DERI Barbara Grosz - Harvard University Giampietro Picco - Director Dept. Information Engineering and Computer Science, University of Trento Willem Jonker – CEO EIT ICT Labs Francesco Salamini – President Fondazione Edmund Mach Nicu Sebe - University of Trento, PhD Programme Director Oliviero Stock – FBK IRST Senior Fellow Wolfgang Wahlster – CEO DFKI and Saarland University

Tuesday, 18th  December (morning)08.30 - 09.15     Invited Talk: EIT ICT Labs: Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead                        Chair: Cesare Furlanello FBK ICT IRST  (video flv)

Willem Jonker- CEO EIT ICT Labs (video flv)

                              Introduction by Roberto Saracco - EIT ICT Labs Trento Node Director09.15 - 10.30     Global Simulation & Behavior Understanding09.15 - 10.00        Invited Talk: Modeling and Forecast of Socio-technical System in the Data-Science Age

                       Alex Vespignani - Northeastern University

10.00 - 10.15        Dynamic Processes in Complex Societies                           Stefano Merler - FBK ICT IRST (video flv)10.15- 10.30        The Mobile Territorial Lab                            Fabrizio Antonelli - SKIL Telecom Italia (video flv)10.30 - 11.00     Coffee Break11.00 - 11.30     Meeting Summary (in Italian) video flv                            Paolo Traverso - FBK ICT IRST11.30  - 12.30     Closing (In italian):    

Mario Calderini,Ministry of University and of Scientific and Technological Research  
Lorenzo Dellai, President Autonomous Province of Trento,
Massimo Egidi, President FBK and Rector LUISS