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Setting out for Genoa. FBK among the protagonists of the Festival of Science

Wednesday, October 28 at 10:00 am, the doors of the Palazzo della Borsa, on Via XX Settembre, will open to school audiences for a conference entitled "What decision? Ethical decisions for computers".The technological scenario in years to come will present us autonomous vehicles traveling on roads that may have to make hard decisions, involving the life and death of people, in a short time; or, we may use systems that influence the attitude and behavior of individuals with various communication tools.The meeting organized by FBK at the Science Festival of Genoa, whose speakers include FBK researchers Marco Guerini, Boris Rähme, and Oliviero Stock,  full professor of General Psychology Cristiano Castelfranchi, and Marco Gori, professor of Computer Science at the University of Siena, will focus on this and other topics being currently discussed by the scientific community. Speakers will also discuss how experimental ethics, based on dilemmas, can help us address ethical issues in intelligent systems related research, as well as in the design of flexible systems, whose behavior be ethically acceptable, and how to build systems with autonomous ethical decision-making capabilities.

Genova (Italy)