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WebValley 2015 lasted 3 weeks, and saw the participation of 17 students between 17 and 18 years old. Fondazione Bruno Kessler has offered a full-immersion experience in research, providing the tools needed to work alongside experts and on original data. Collaborators included Gianluca Esposito’s ABPLab (Affiliative Behaviour and Physiology Lab)  and Paola Venuti’s ODFLab (Observation, Diagnosis and Traininf Lab) from the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Trento. A good deal of the data analyzed by the students during the project was collected by the students themselves. The lab was hosted in a historic house in the center of San Lorenzo-Dorsino, and was equipped with a 100 Mb Internet connection hooked up to the Trentino Network optical fiber system.