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High Impact Initiatives

Smart Community

The goal is to create a community with effective services tailored to the citizens, by experiencing innovative ways of communication and collaborations between citizens and government.
This HII intends to design and implement an innovative platform of the Territory that can give a strong acceleration to the digitization of services for citizens and businesses. To achieve this goal the Platform

  • adopts important technological innovations, such as the integration of "cloud", "mobile" and "service oriented computing" paradigms;
  • builds on important results already established in the territory, including the territorial Comun Web portal and initiatives related to Open Data;
  • integrates important research results, in particular as regards "smart" services, cyber security, pervasive systems and "Internet of Things".

The design and construction of the platform requires an innovative approach also from a methodological and organizational point of view, which is based, on the one hand, on the participation and empowerment of users, and on the other, on a strong alliance with the territorial administrations.

Health & Well Being 

The goal is to create health systems based on the combination of the digitization of health services with individual data.
This HII intends to design and build new resources (personal computer tools, analysis platforms, computational models) to support the processes of prevention and care at a personalized level, with the goal of making individuals the manager of their health and a partner of health workers.
There will be two key approaches of ICT for health, which will affect the implementation of next generation health services:

  • "Mobile apps and sensors" (mHealth)
  • "Personal health management systems" (pHealth).

In this way, FBK seeks to consolidate its position as a national and international technical partner of research centers in e-health, biomedical research and public health management.

Future Media

The goal is to develop new solutions able to manage media content in complementary and integrated ways. The initiatives brings together researchers from data mining, knowledge discovery and natural language processing. The general objectives are

  • to foster the cooperation with business creating a bridge between research and industry
  • to identify technology trends and generate new innovative ideas. 

In order to reach high impact this initiative intends to associate to research an approach oriented to meet the needs of business, providing solutions and services that can be scalable and quickly integrated in different application areas.