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The app from Trentino to fight food wastage will be featured in TG2 “Storie”

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Saturday, 7 November, 2015

Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s  BringTheFood project will be featured on the November 7 show on RAI 2. (v.l.) Thanks to BringTheFood over 480 tons of food have been recovered and donated, that have helped over 19 000 people.The app that prevents food wastage designed by researchers at Trento based Fondazione Bruno Kessler will be featured in the show hosted by RAI science journalist Giorgio Pacifici broadcast on RAI 2 Saturday, November 7 in the TG2 “Storie” segment. During the show, researchers will describe the IT system and the design stages of BringTheFood, selected among the projects worth representing Italian excellence at Expo 2015. More information at:  Storie – TG2RAI (broadcast at 12:30 a.m.):