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FBK in "The Economist”

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Monday, 30 January, 2017

Technology of language and religions. Trento-based Fondazione Bruno Kessler mentioned twice this month in the worlwide reknown weekly magazine.The first quotation concerns a rapidly progressing area, neural networks for machine translation. In the article titled "Finding a voice" (The Economist - January 7), reporter Lane Greene interviews researcher Marcello Federico, Head of the HLT (Human Language Technology - Machine Translation) Research Unit of FBK's ICT Center, who provides an account on the state of the art of language technology.The second quotation involves the director of our Center for Religious Studies, Marco Ventura. On the blog dedicated to religions, Ventura was questioned about the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on the Swiss case, in the canton of Basel, featured in the article "Swimming together, living together. The meaning of a European court verdict on Muslim girls and school swimming lessons" of January 13, which concerned the refusal by the parents of some Muslim female students to let them participate in mandatory school swimming lessons, during which they would have been in pool together their male classmates.