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The Italian Alps area is at low risk for spread of the Zika virus

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Friday, 15 April, 2016

What is the risk that, following the return of travelers who have been infected, the Zika virus can spread in the Triveneto area? This is the question answered by a team of researchers from Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento, Fondazione Edmund Mach and Instituto Zooprofilattico delle Venezie in an article published in the latest issue of Eurosurveillance, a scientific specialized weekly journal ( The work, titled “Assessing the potential risk of Zika virus epidemics in temperate areas with established Aedes albopictus populations”, was conducted as part of the LEXEM (Laboratorio di Eccellenza per l’Epidemiologia e la Modellistica) project, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The authors are Giorgio Guzzetta, Piero Poletti and Stefano Merler from Fondazione Bruno Kessler; Roberto Rosà, Frederic Baldacchino and Annapaola Rizzoli from Fondazione Edmund Mach; Fabrizio Montarsi and Gioia Capelli from Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie.