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SIMPATICO: the European project for improving online services kicks off

News date: 
Tuesday, 8 March, 2016

After approval by the European Commission, the Simpatico (Simplifying the interaction with Public Administration)research project coordinated by Fondazione Bruno Kessler officially kicks off. The project, which is coordinated byFondazione Bruno Kessler, and sees the Municipality of Trento as the main player in its position of public partner to test the research work, is starting tomorrow and the day after tomorrow with a two-day study and planning event at the Foundation’s Povo location.Besides Trento, participating experimenters include the city of Sheffield (UK) and the region of Galicia (Spain). In addition to the governments and to the Foundation, the project will involve leading research centers and companies in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The project, which will last three years, has received funding from the European Commission for € 3,600,000, of which over 850 thousand Euros have been allocated to partners in the Trentino Region.