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Open calls

Joint call with University of Genova

Topic : Computer Science and Systems Engineering
Number of positions : 4

TitleReasoning-based Process Mining TitleDistributed Application Security TitleModel-based safety assessment for hybrid systems TitleAutomated Testing of Web Applications
Advisor: Chiara Ghidini Advisor: Silvio Ranise and Alessandro Armando Advisor: Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti,
Stefano Tonetta
Advisor: Paolo Tonella and Filippo Ricca

Closing date : 10 June 2016

Joint call with University of Trento

Topic: Information and Communication Technologies
Number of positions: 3

Title: Quantifying Historical Cultural Evolution using Big Data
Title: Automated verification of critical systems       
Title: Remote Sensing  image processing
Advisor: Sara Tonelli Advisor: Alessandro Cimatti Advisor: Francesca Bovolo

Closing date: 13 June 2016


Joint call with University of Padova

Topic: Brain mind and computer science
Number of positions: 3

Title: Speech recognition and language understanding for multimedia content extraction
Title: Machine with Personalities that can talk       
Title: Understanding Content Virality in Social Media
Advisor: Bernardo Magnini Advisor: Marco Guerini Advisor: Claudio Giuliano

Closing date: 17 June 2016