Cybersecurity is a key enabler in a world that is more digitally interconnected than ever before. The lack of appropriate Cybersecurity strategies may have far reaching consequences including threats to the stability of countries and economies.  This is made even more dramatic by the integration of digital systems with physical infrastructures.

Ideally, Cybersecurity solutions improve the security posture of single organizations or companies and, at the same time, be integrated in local, national, and international ecosystems to be able to counter attacks at a global scale.  To add complexity, Cybersecurity solutions should also carefully balance the trade-offs between security and privacy that come with the construction of e-health and financial platforms, smart cities as well as the widespread adoption of Internet of Things devices.


  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Risk Assessment and Management
  • Security vs Privacy
  • Cyber resilient systems
  • Safety and Security


  • Authentication and authorization
  • Legal compliance (privacy and e-payment provisions)
  • E-health
  • Smart cities
  • Critical Infrastructures and Cyber-Physical Systems


Area Managers

Heads of Units


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