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FBK seminar (S. Ceri, P. Pinoli - Politecnico di Milano): "Data-Driven Genomic Computing: Making Sense of the Signals from the Genome"

Genomic computing is a new science focused on understanding the functioning of the genome, as a premise to fundamental discoveries in biology and medicine. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows the production of the entire human genome sequence at a cost of about 1000 US $; many algorithms exist for the extraction of genome features, or "signals", including peaks (enriched regions), mutations, or gene expression (intensity of transcription activity). The missing gap is a system supporting data integration and exploration, giving a “biological meaning” to all the available information; such a system can be used, e.g., for better understanding cancer development. The GeCo Project (Data-Driven Genomic Computing, ERC Advanced Grant, 2016-2021) has the objective or revisiting genomic computing through the lens of basic data management, through models, languages, and instruments, focusing on genomic data integration. Starting from an abstract model, we developed a query language and data management system that can be used to query processed genomic data; the system employs internally the Spark engine, and prototypes can already be downloaded or accessed from our servers. During the five-years of the ERC project, the system will be enriched with data analysis tools and environments and will be made increasingly efficient. Among the objectives of the project, the creation of an “open source” repository of public data, available to biological and clinical research through queries, web services and search interfaces. At the end of the seminar, we will explain how biological applications are systematically addressed and how GMQL is integrated with Python.

FBK, Via Sommarive 18 - Povo, Trento (sala Consiglio, ed. Ovest p. terra)