Co-innovation labs

Co-innovation Labs are Joint Labs with companies to bridge the gap between research, development, market and society. Key aspects of CO-innovation labs are:

  • Common spaces to share people, competences, technologies
  • Co-investments, Co-Funding, Co-participation to projects and proposals by FBK and companies
  • A new way to do education and growing up of young talents


Launched in 2016, the Co-Innovation Lab is a joint initiative of Dedagroup and Fondazione Bruno Kessler dedicated to developing standards and best practices for the openness and interoperability of data and services (Open Data, Open Services) and to develop new generation digital applications. The Co-Innovation Lab aims to boost change in companies, organizations, institutions, providing them with an approach and a set of tools with which to embrace the digital transformation. Dedagroup is one of the most important players in the Information Technology "Made in Italy". The group support Companies, Public Sector and Financial Institutions in their IT strategies with expertise in software, system integration and technology infrastructure. The headquarters are located in Trento - an area that is rich in innovation excellence - with branches in Italy and abroad. The company supports more than 3,600 customers around the world


The Co-Innovation Lab "Digital Finance Innovation Lab (DFIL)", a joint laboratory between GFT and FBK, aims to establish a strategic and structured collaboration, both scientific and technological, aimed at digital innovation in the "FinTech" sector. DFIL builds software assets, products and launch projects with stakeholders such as banks and insurance companies on the subject of digital finance. The laboratory's technological assets will be technologies for Cybersecurity, Data Science, Blockchains and Smart Communities.


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