Silvia Gabrielli

  • Persuasive Technologies, Behavior Change Interventions, HCI, mHealth

Senior researcher at FBK High Impact Initiative on Health & Wellbeing. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences and a Master degree in Psychology. Since 2001 she was post-doc researcher at Interact Lab (Sussex University, UK), Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (I), DIS (University La Sapienza, Rome), HCI Lab (University of Udine), and senior researcher at the Health&Wellbeing unit of CREATE-NET until 2016. Her expertise is on participatory methods and co-design of ICT solutions, including persuasive interfaces for Personal Healthcare, game-based motor-cognitive rehabilitation, eInclusion and Sustainability. She has a track record of more than 50 publications in International Conferences and Journals in the area of HCI, has served in the Program Committee of several academic events in the field and is adjunct professor of HCI at the University of Trento (Faculty of Cognitive Sciences). She is currently WP4 leader of the H2020 project UPRIGHT,  developing resilience-based interventions for mental health of the young. With FBK she has conducted co-design and evaluation studies of the TreC-LifeStyle mobile solution for behaviour change interventions targeting families of overweight children in collaboration with primary care paediatrics services, she is coordinating the H2020 projects UPRIGHT and KRAKEN and working on the design of “digital therapeutics” for health promotion as well as the support to the treatment of chronic conditions.

  • +39 0461 312477


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