Umberto Morelli

Umberto is a computer security enthusiast who’s curious about how technologies can better support the user and protect his digital assets. He envisages a utopian world of flawless infrastructures and applications, sublime Attribute-based AC systems (possibly in the cloud) and secure communications in trust-less environments.

  • umberto.morelli1988
  • +39 0461 312377


P.Paolo, P.Andrea, R.Silvio, M.Umberto, A. Tahir. MQTTSA: A Tool for Automatically Assisting the Secure Deployments of MQTT Brokers [IEEE Services – CSRIoT 2019]

A. Tahir, M.Umberto, R. Silvio, Z. Nicola. A Lazy Approach to Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) for IoT [SACMAT 2018]

S. Avinash, C. Roberto, C. Luca, D. Nicolas, A. Alessandro, M. Umberto. Large-scale Analysis & Detection of Authentication Cross-Site Request Forgeries [EURO S&P 2017]

M.Umberto, R. Silvio. Assisted Authoring, Analysis and Enforcement of access Control Policies in the Cloud [IFIPSEC 2017]