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Sandro Battisti

  • SKYPE: sandro.battisti
  • Phone: +39 0461 314048
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Professional with more than 18 years of experience in innovation management, technology transfer and business development of ICT. He is the Activity Leader of the High Impact Initiative in Smart Retail at EIT Digital, and Program Manager in the area of ICT at FBK. His career focus has been on developing research and innovation collaborations with universities, research institutions, large companies, and start-ups. He has a proven track record in fundraising, developing and managing strategic projects in collaboration with several organizations in Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, UK, and the US.

His considerable international experience with strong track records in leading complex organizations, and negotiating with multiple stakeholders is a key competitive advantage, while his work in startup creation and fundraising from public and private sources is a differential. He has an academic background in Electronics Engineering (BEng) from PUCRS in Brazil, Enterprise Management (MBA) from IBGEN in Brazil and Innovation Management (PhD) from Polytechnic of Milan in Italy. His research in the area of social innovation has been published in relevant international journals.

Research interests
Smart Retail; Innovation Platforms; Business Ecosystems; Living Labs; Data-Driven Innovation; User Innovation; Social Innovation; Service Innovation.

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