5GZORRO envisions the evolution of 5G to achieve truly production-level support of diverse Vertical applications, which coexist on highly pervasive shared network infrastructure, through automated end-to-end network slicing, across multiple operators and infrastructure/resource providers, who can share heterogeneous types of resources (spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core).

5GZORRO uses distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to implement cognitive network orchestration and management with a minimal manual intervention (Zero-Touch Automation). Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are adopted to implement flexible and efficient distributed security and trust across the various parties involved in a 5G end-to-end service chain. With these, we can implement an evolved 5G Service Layer for Smart Contracts among multiple non-trusted parties, to allow SLA monitoring, spectrum sharing, intelligent and automated data-driven resource discovery and management. Our cross-domain security & trust orchestration coupled with service lifecycle automation can enforce security policies in multi-tenant and multi-stakeholder environments.

Three use cases validate our research in 5GBarcelona and 5TONIC/Madrid test facilities: Smart Contracts for Ubiquitous Computing/Connectivity, Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, and Pervasive virtual CDNs over 3rd-party edge resources.