DIGITAL LIFE creates a CE area of excellence in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems solutions where flexible, solution oriented cooperation mechanisms can be rapidly activated and transferred to all its strategic actors. Thus availability of joint knowledge assets in the CE area in the field of integrated digital solutions will change: evidence of existing excellence cases, feasibility of effective linkages supported by robust long term oriented methodologies, active connected integrated digital healthcare excellence hotspots, related long term sustainability and related effects on the whole CE area will be guaranteed.

Date: 01/04/2017-30/09/2019
  • WP3 Leader: Digital Healthcare Pilot & Demonstration Cases: Implementation and Evaluation


  • FH Burgenland (AT)
  • FBK (IT)
  • SMS (DE)
  • VFG (DE)
  • PAT (IT)
  • TPLJ (SL)
  • PBN (HU)
  • STEP (CR)
  • WPT (PO)