Conversational Banking Front-end

Exploiting CBF (Content Based Filtering), a SW technology to extend omnichannel Front-ends with natural language driven intelligent dialogues, the project aims at developing a digital conversation assistant with the following features:

  • Efficient (combining AI and human assistance, information access or even transacting)
  • Personalised (new targeted sales marketing) Natural (everyone can use)

In fact, a natural language driven intelligent dialog system eliminates the customers problems of using time consuming call center services or menu driven complex GUI by enabling a natural language driven AI assisted conversational banking front-end. Instead of waiting in a call center queue, or visiting local branch in person or using complex GUI interface of electronic front-end system customer can receive prompt service assistance anytime anywhere in the most natural way.

Funding: EIT Digital


  • eGroup
  • OPT Bank
Date: January- December 2018 (1 year)