Fit to Perform, is a High Impact Activity of the Innovation Action Line Health and Wellbeing. Fit to Perform will improve the health of drivers, makes driving more efficient, and increases the road safety. In this activity, representative partners from the transport value chain work together. The aim is to further develop ICT solutions for risk-prone professionals and individuals based on cardio-respiratory and motion sensing to make professional driving a healthier and safer occupation. The partners work together on site in the Co-location Centres in London and Eindhoven.



(1)Identify the appropriate physiological and vehicle data and design the processing pipeline

(2)Define the machine learning model to predict fitness to drive

(3)Develop a MVP based on in-the-wild sensing and real-time data processing


Astrata, DFKI, FBK, Fiat, Imperial College, Philips, Telecom Italia, TNO, TrentoRise, Technical University Eindhoven and University College London.