UPRIGHT - Universal Preventive Resilience Intervention Globally implemented in schools to improve and promote mental Health for Teenagers

UPRIGHT is a school based universal prevention intervention program whose general aim is to promote mental well-being and prevent future mental disorders by enhancing resilience capacities in youngsters by creating a real culture of mental well-being promotion in the schools.

UPRIGHT is a EU H2020 funded project.

Date: 01/01/2018-31/12/2021
  • WP4 Leader, contribution to intervention for mental resilience and Trentino pilot test.


  • FBK (IT)
  • Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Dolnoslakiego (PL)
  • Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (N), Arhus Universitet (DK)
  • Embaetti Landlaeknis (IS)