Landscape Metropolis

Landscape Metropolis: Time for action! is an EIT Climate KIC project which aims to create an intermodal network of sustainable mobility in the province of Ferrara (1500 square kilometres, more than 200,000 inhabitants). The project aims at the valorisation of the landscape and its transport network, combining infrastructural interventions and citizens’ behavior change campaigns.

Within Landscape Metropolis FBK is responsible for implementing behavior change and awareness raising campaigns (citizens and students within the Ferrara province targeted) for sustainable mobility, making use of innovative and interactive tools (i.e., Web Apps).

The objective is to implement sustainable mobility campaigns that involve the whole community by exploiting and extending two particularly significant experiences that have been successfully experimented on the field for several years: Play&Go and Kids Go Green.

The former is a gamified system targeting citizens and promoting sustainable home-work mobility, the latter is a playful education system that promotes active and sustainable mobility in primary schools. In both cases, these initiatives have proven to be effective in terms of retaining participants’ engagement on a long term (several months), raising their awareness, and inducing a positive change in their mobility habits.