eHealth Lab

The goals of eHealth Lab are as follows:

 1) TreC-Virtual Coach to support citizen health and treatment

OBJECTIVE: to design, develop and field-validate a smart Virtual Coaching platform, based on Artificial Intelligence technologies and integrated with a Personal Health Records (TreC) platform, to support on the one hand citizens in adopting healthy lifestyles and/or chronic patients in self-managing their illness and, on the other hand, healthcare providers in delivering innovative and sustainable digital health services.

RATIONALE: create “smart” platforms (virtual coaching) capable of autonomously carrying out specific tasks for the treatment and care of chronic patients and/or prevention through healthy lifestyles with the aim of reducing the workload of healthcare providers (human coaching) and at the same time improving the quality of treatment and care.

2) Big Data in Healthcare

OBJECTIVE: to build a big data analysis and processing platform in the healthcare sector, based on Machine Learning, and in particular “Deep Learning” techniques to build business intelligence that will provide clinical-healthcare knowledge and predictive models to support the decisions of healthcare professionals and institutional decision-makers.

RATIONALE: healthcare systems, due to the digitization of their processes, are generating increasing amounts of data that are difficult to manage. Recent advances in machine learning techniques and particularly in deep learning methods are creating new opportunities to support healthcare system professionals in managing this huge amount of healthcare related data.

3) Healthcare Service innovation and Technology Transfer

OBJECTIVE: to add value to the most significant results of the research and innovation activities conducted within FBK to help, on one hand, the local and national healthcare system provide innovative, patient-centered health services enabled by new artificial intelligence technologies and, on the other hand, IT companies in improving their competitive/business potential.

RATIONALE: The main rationale for this cross-disciplinary objective is closely linked to the recent establishment of the TrentinoSalute4.0 Center which, among other things, plans to bring the results and technological platforms designed and developed within the local healthcare system in the service of the joint FBK-APSS laboratory. The study of privacy issues and business analysis will be conducted in two joint laboratories created within TrentinoSalute4.0 with the University of Trento.

Expected results

The most relevant expected results are linked to:

TreC-Virtual Coach to support citizen health and treatment:

  • implementation of three pilot studies for field validation of the TreC-VC platform in the area of primary prevention within the Health+ project, as part of the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the workplace within the Key to Health project, as part of the support to AFT in the management of patients with type II diabetes in the TreC project;
  • feasibility study concerning the integration in the TreC-VC platform of a module based on conversational agents.

Big Data in Healthcare:

  • study of a predictive model based on deep learning techniques for the profiling and assessment of a type of chronic patients.

Healthcare Service innovation and Technology Transfer:

  • deployment of the new middleware of the TreC platform with the new TreC-FSE app in APSS (Province Healthcare system);
  • deployment of the first release of the TreC-VC platform in APSS for the management of patients with type I diabetes;
  • creation of a joint laboratory with a private company.

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