Future Media


To collaborate with professionals to help them publishing valuable content and interacting efficiently with people on social media.


We aim at developing the best product to automate jobs that require creativity and empathy in social media marketing.


We are experts in the following AI topics:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Knowledge Management
  • Semantic Web


We use our expertise to develop an innovative product that helps social media managers and influencers to automatise some of  the activities needed to create and maintain successful accounts. We use the latest AI techniques, including Neural Networks, to recommend what to post, who to follow, etc. It learns from past actions done on the social network to recommend new actions that maximise the number of likes, new followers, and positive comments.

Advances in AI are introducing a drastic effect on everyday working lives and a large number of jobs are likely to be automated, at least partially, including social media managers and influencers. First, low skill routine jobs are getting impacted, however, in few years, AI will be also good at jobs that need creativity and empathy.

Currently, our product supports Twitter and allows to automatise routine activities, such as, scheduling, and some non-routine activities, such as,

  • Followers acquisition,
  • Content creation, and
  • Content commenting and interaction.

At any new release, we are introducing much more creativity and empathy, making the product more valuable to the business.

We are planning to support Facebook and Instagram and introduce new features. If you are  social media in your job,  please, help us to better understand your needs by completing the following questionnaire.



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