Process & Data Intelligence


We conduct research in two areas: the first is the one of process mining, where we develop technologies and tools to discover, analyse, predict and validate business processes and event logs, especially when they are enriched with data objects. The second is centered on knowledge discovery and information retrieval where we am at supporting the discovery of knowledge from data and content, with particular emphasis on semantic based sentiment analysis and opinion mining. We are involved in a large network of scientific collaborations. Furthermore we regularly take part in projects and innovation activities with both international and local partners.

Contribution to Research:

The research conducted in PDI relies on, and contributes to, the development of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science techniques. Indeed, we work with Data/Process Mining and Machine Learning techniques to perform business process discovery and predictive monitoring as well as sentiment and opinion mining. Furthermore, we leverage on Knowledge Representation techniques for supporting the modeling/verification of conceptual models (mainly of business processes) and for boosting sentiment analysis and information retrieval with structured knowledge.

Contribution to Impact:

Within FBK-CIT, the research of PDI contributes to the HII of Health and Wellbeing in two different manners. The first concerns the application of process mining and predictive monitoring techniques to the healthcare sector within pilot projects. The second concerns the exploitation of semantic web and knowledge based techniques in the development of motivational tools for preventive healthcare and patient monitoring.

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