Smart Community


The Smart Community Lab has the goal of driving and supporting the vision of the Smart Cities and Communities area of exploiting the results of FBK’s research and of transforming them into solutions capable of improve city sustainability and quality of life of citizens in a concrete and tangible way. More precisely, the Lab has the following responsibilities:

  • Development and maintenance of the Smart Cities and Communities platform, the technical backbone of the Smart Cities and Communities initiative, obtained by integrating software and systems developed by FBK’s research units, as well as by partner companies and other research bodies.
  • Manage the relations with the institutional partners (public administrations and other bodies) and with the communities of citizens, both fundamental allies for the goals of the Smart Cities and Communities area.
  • Manage territorial/living labs, laboratories such as such as the Trento Smart City Lab, where solutions developed by FBK are experimented and evaluated in real usage contexts, engaging citizens and public administrations as end users.
  • Manage co-innovation labs, that is, joint labs with companies to bridge the gap between research, development, market and society; these labs offer common spaces to share people, competences, technologies and are based on common strategies for co-investments, co-funding, co-participation to projects and proposals by FBK and companies.
  • Supervise the communication strategy, the sustainability strategy and financing plan of the Smart Cities and Communities area.
  • Manage specific strategic projects in the area.

Key projects and results

  • Trento Smart City Lab. A living lab in the Vela neighborhood of Trento, where a full stack deployment of FBK’s Next Generation Internet – from sensors and IoT to data and service platforms, together with the possibility to engage citizens in smart city initiative, offers an ideal context to test innovative solutions before scale-up and to enable bottom-up innovation.
  • Co-Innovation Lab with Dedagroup, This lab is dedicated to developing standards and best practices for the openness and interoperability of data and services and to develop new generation digital applications. The Co-Innovation Lab aims to boost change in companies, organizations, institutions, providing them with an approach and a set of tools with which to embrace the digital transformation.
  • STARDUST (Holistic and integrated urban model for smart cities) 2017-2022, EC-H2020 SCC-1 project. The objective is to pave the way towards the transformation of the carbon supplied cities into Smart, high efficient, intelligent and citizen oriented cities, developing urban technical green solutions and innovative business models, integrating the domains of buildings, mobility and efficient energy through ICT, testing and validating these solutions, enabling their fast roll out in the market. In this project, Trento is one of the lighhouse pilot citis and FBK is cross-city responsbile of the ICT theme.P1

Head of Unit