SpeechTek Projects

Key projects and results

  • EIT CONVERSATIONAL BANKING – The project aims to develop conversational agents interacting with users, by both voice and textual messages, asking financial information. To this purpose SpeechTeK unit will develop ASR systems, both in English and Hungarian languages, capable of handling language models that are dynamically activated in a context of human-machine dialog.
  • IPRASE – The goal of this project is to automatically estimate the language proficiency of Italian native-language students in Trentino region during two-year evaluation campaigns, both in English and German language.
  • PERVOICE-SD – This project, partially funded by PerVoice, aims to develop a module for speaker diarization based on the usage of DNN embedded representations of speaker identities.
  • AUDIO VISUAL SCENE ANALYSIS – This project is part of a wider cooperation between FBK-ICT and the Centre for Intelligent Sensing of Queen Mary University London. It consists of 2 joint PhD grants aiming at developing advanced solutions for audio-visual person identification and scene analysis using heterogeneous devices in challenging unconstrained environments.

Past projects