SpeechTek Projects

Key projects and results

  • Smart Subtitling and Dubbing System (SSDS) – The goal of the project is the development of solutions for automatic translation and dubbing of TV products in different languages. In thigh collaboration with the HLT-MT research unit, SpeechTek efforts will focus on extracting audio features that can improve the quality of both the translation and the dubbing. The project, partially funded by Regione Lazio, is lead by the Italian companies Translated and Sedif.
  • AUDIO VISUAL SCENE ANALYSIS – This project is part of a wider cooperation between FBK-ICT and the Centre for Intelligent Sensing of Queen Mary University London. In particular, the research activities focus on advanced solutions for audio-visual processing, using heterogeneous devices in challenging and unconstrained environments. Specifically, the 2 institutions have allocated 2 joint PhD grants on these tasks.
  • CITY SENSING – One of the goals of the Smart Cities and Communities is high impact initiative is to help administrators and citizens understand their city and how it evolves. Therefore, the research line is developing of pervasive, collaborative, multi-source, multi-level monitoring of the city. In particular, at SpeechTek we are working on neural solutions for the detection and classification of acoustic events in public open spaces.

Recent projects

  • EIT CONVERSATIONAL BANKING – The project aims to develop conversational agents interacting, by voice and text, with users asking financial information. Therefore, SpeechTeK will develop ASR systems, in English and Hungarian, capable of dynamically activating proper language models for human-machine interaction.
  • IPRASE – The goal is to automatically estimate the language proficiency in English and German of Italian native-language students in Trentino.
  • PERVOICE-SD – This project investigates on speaker diarization solutions based on DNN embedded representations of speaker identities. PerVoice has partially funded this project with a post-doc grant.