FBK- ICT focuses on high quality research with impact to market and society.

“We believe that modern research should push at the same time scientific and market/societal impact.
Scientific excellence cannot be detached from impact to market and society, as well market and societal impact cannot be detached from scientific outstanding research”.


In our strategic plan, we identify some major societal challenges…

  1. Health and Well Being
  2. Smart Cities and Communities
  3. Smart digital industry

… which need scientific breakthroughs in research areas we have deep competencies:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Data Science
  3. Cyber-Security

We believe that such synergy will be a great opportunity for doing even better research and have a real impact on society.

This vision goes:

  1. beyond the traditional (and we believe obsolete) idea of a sharp separation between basic and applied research, between the value of scientific results and the impact through real world applications;
  2. beyond the old idea of technology transfer, were researchers generate knowledge, ideas, prototypes, research artifacts in general, and someone else tries to bring the research artifacts to the market, to products and services. It makes a depart from the idea of a purely “push” modality of research, where research results are developed and then used  according to applications needs, while it goes towards a paradigm of deep synergy  between research and  the task to address societal challenges.